George Altirs is a self-made entrepreneur

as well as a non-practicing software engineer. He was born in Mijdlaya of Northern Lebanon where he completed his education. In the late 1980s, Altirs moved permanently to New York, New York. He began his career at an entry-level position with the focus of achieving a singular goal: owning his own business. An early and courageous decision was made in 1990 when Altirs quit his job and began his own business with his younger brother, Massoud Altirs, out of the basement of their Brooklyn, New York home. Altirs founded GMA Accessories Inc., the parent company of Capelli New York and Shanghai Company Ltd.

GMA Accessories Inc. is a manufacturer and importer of apparel, footwear, and fashion accessories for women and children. They completed their accessories selection with a wide range of fashion jewelry in 2014 when GMA Accessories Inc. acquired the jewelry company Ballet. Ballet is a well-known and established brand in the industry for more than 60 years. As the CEO of GMA Group, the holding company that owns GMA Accessories Inc. and other non-fashion companies, Altirs combined his passion for hard work, his keen sense of fashion, and his knowledge of business to turn a small corporation into an international organization with offices in North America, Europe, and four fully owned factories in Asia

GMA Group oversees a portfolio in real estate and also plays a big role in the retail, logistics, and manufacturing industries. Altirs is a majority shareholder in software and construction companies and a major investor in a high-end Manhattan restaurant as well. In 2011, with more than 25 years of experience in the apparel, fashion and accessory business, Altirs led the company and launched Capelli Sport. Capelli Sport is a sports apparel brand focused on providing innovative, world-class training gear, equipment and uniforms for athletes of all ages and skill levels.

As a big soccer fan, he transformed one of his properties into an indoor soccer training facility, known as the Capelli Sport Center. The facility is home to hundreds of young players who are personally sponsored by Altirs through the Altirs Foundation